Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Pure Craft"pen"manship

Have you noticed the unique wooden pens? There are also two-tone pens and letter openers. 

You can make it an even more special gift if you put it in a hand-crafted pen box. Functional, beautiful, and conversational piece for any desk.
The pens have a cool back-story (something you will find from our USA artisan products in the gift shop). Based in Windsor, CO, Randy designs and handcrafts each Marq ART Wood Design product. 

Randy is a 3rd generation marquetry craftsman.  His brother shares his passion and they started out in their teens developing a business out of a high school hobby of creating cut-coin jewelry.
When they left for college, their father bought them out with the intention of giving it a professional makeover.  Belt buckle designs were all the rage in those days and Randy’s father saw an opportunity with cut coin jewelry designs for belt buckles. 

That is when Uncle Al jumped in and offered some Marquetry designs.  Uncle Al learned the art from Randy’s grandfather, a traditional craftsman.  Needless to say, the Marquetry belt buckles quickly outpaced the cut coin ones.  In the meanwhile, Randy had returned home and his natural affinity to woodwork attracted him to the delicate, detailed elegance of marquetry. 

We don't have belt buckles, but we are proud to carry Randy's pens and wood boxes!

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