Wednesday, June 13, 2012

First Photo Contest @ BCC

Let's have a photo contest! We need pictures of our Bear Creek Cafe in action ~ so let's make it fun and worth your while! 

The winners chosen will be the cover photo featured on our Facebook Page, Posted on our Blog, as well as in printed out and displayed in the Cafe (a copy given to the winner), all winners throughout 2012 will be automatically put into a drawing for an end of the year Gift Certificate to the Cafe!

1) We will accept photos throughout August 15, 2012 digitally transferred (email or uploaded to our Facebook page). The next contest will be during the fall and the third will be during the holiday season.

2) We will announce the winners Labor Day Weekend.

3) There are Five categories. Pictures can qualify for more than one category, but only win in one: 
     * People at the Bear Creek Cafe (Guests eating/talking/shopping/sitting)
     * Flowers at the Cafe
     * Birds (or animals ~ Mr. Turtle isn't shy about posing)
     * Pictures of the Bear Creek Cafe itself
     * Misc

4) Second and Third Place Winners will have their name placed one in the end of year drawing, First Place winners will have their name placed 3 times for the end of year drawing in addition to receiving an enlarged print of their picture in a special Bear Creek frame.

Pass the word out!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Stamps and Preview of our first sweepstakes

Have you taken a trip through the gift shop lately? There are actually lots of interesting treasures to find, even if you aren't much of a browser.

There are always our new arrivals...but I will write about that another day....
Our newest pottery arrivals....GREAT colors :)!
If you like lavender ~ you will love this new line of body products.
Instead, I want to write about my newest favorite little secret. I wondered what it was sitting on the shelf by the little secret boxes (that YUP wish all my stuff would be stored in secret boxes) but that is a whole other story!

This colorful little cylindrical wild thing may look like a bright ray of sunshine, but I skimmed over it because it wouldn't fit my decor of nik-naks on the dresser top or even in the china closet that holds treasures from my world travels. Not until I saw it in use in our office I thought it was amazing and fit as PERFECT decor! I always need a little ray of sunshine during a day of paper-pushing and what better than a useful tool like this little "not-so-nik-nak."

This little guy holds a roll of stamps and feeds the roll through a slit in its side.

Warm memories of my pop-pop as he had his special desk/card writing station...where rolls of stamps neatly sat next to his over-sized antique desk lamp's switch.

My pop-pop was a WWII veteran, wheel-chair bound for the most part his last decade from losing both legs later in life. He never really left their little one-bedroom apartment since it was so hard for the towering 6'5" man to get around, but his hugs and memories left their apartment each day as he sent personal cards and messages for every and any occasion...with seasonal appropriate stamps and stickers neatly arranged on the envelope. It was a big deal getting a card from him, usually stuffed with tracts or dollar bills. He never complained, just made himself useful, filling my memories with his cards ~bright rays of sunshine, tucked away in my memories.

Such is this little guy ~ may not travel far or wide, may not really match other stuff, but makes you smile in the middle of a 8-1/2" x 11" white with black ink kind of day. Keeps useful, ready for action when called upon, storing the stamps for that moment of calling when they will travel far and wide on some envelope.

Tucked away in this blog is also a nugget ~ my plan is to have the "occasional" contest and this is a little heads up :) for those who read this far. Tomorrow we are opening the first of several sweepstakes for the 2012 summer here. Get out your cameras and start taking some pictures when you come next time to the cafe....more information tomorrow!

Monday, June 11, 2012

Turtle Visitor to the Cafe Today

Apparently Mr. Turtle didn't get the memo that we are closed to the public Sundays and Mondays...or maybe he just considers himself VIP.

I think Mr. Turtle thinks I can't see him with the wood chips and dirt on his face.

It was kind of a mystery on Sunday as we found a mini trench in the flower bed. And then this morning we found the reason. Maybe you might see him in the mornings too if he (or is it a she making a nest?) decides that he really likes the cafe and wants to make it his home.
He is on the left of the center plant, below the two small flower pots.

DISCLAIMER: Looks like a snapping turtle, keep all hands and food away from him. Good news, you can probably out run him!!!

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Summer is Here!

Picture Day :)!!!
Every year, the Bear Creek Cafe opens our gazebo and outdoor seating so you can enjoy your meal, while enjoying the scenery including a vast array of flowers and plants.

The tall sunflower plants are just sprouting, we have all summer ahead of us!
For those of us who don't know the difference...this picture actually shows our mini sunflower already blooming. Our traditional towering sunflowers are less than foot tall sprouts this time of year. 

Can you see the third bear in this picture, besides the two in the sign?  (SPOILER ALERT: The steel wall bracket that is holding the hanging pot made by the American artist Al Speert, "The Metal Man." You can find more of his work in the gift shop!

This is a fuchsia tree! Usually this plant in grown hanging.

Friday, June 8, 2012

2012 Dinner Series

Have you experienced a dinner event at the Bear Creek Cafe? Our next dinner, Saturday, June 16 celebrates Father's Day. Surprise that special man who was like a father to you...or treat your husbands to celebrate how much he means to you! Call or email your reservation in today!

"Dinner? I thought Bear Creek Cafe only serves breakfast and lunch?"

On special occasions during 2012 and other occasions we want to make special for you, the Bear Creek Cafe takes reservations for a Saturday evening special 3-course fine dining experience, Bear Creek Cafe style... 

We call it the "2012 Dinner Series." Our dinners are usually the Saturday before a holiday, so you can enjoy your usual traditions on the special holiday and add a new tradition with friends or family. 

Each dinner features a unique limited menu, (see our next menu here) specially imagined and created by our own chefs. The first course offers two salads to choose from, three delicious complimentary entrees to choose from...

 and finally three chef-inspired desserts to choose from like Chef Joe's Key Lime Pie or Chef Rob's Legendary Coconut Creme Cake. (YUMMY!) 

There is a set price for the dinner, there is only additional costs for drinks, tax, gratuity, and a corkage fee if you want to bring your own bottle of wine.

Hope to see you soon because not only is the food delicious and the quality you expect from the Bear Creek Cafe, but experiencing the cafe at night is very special!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

We're Open for Business!

So today we open our Bear Creek Cafe Blog and we make 3 promises to you:
  1. Concise updates on what you want to know
  2. Pictures and videos of your favorites at the cafe
  3. Contests and Fun for interacting with us here and on Facebook
So let the games begin!

Bear Creek Cafe's Inaugural Blog Contest #1

The first person to comment on this blog post will be the first to receive a Bear Creek Cafe coffee mug. These attractively dark green classy mugs make a great addition to any hot beverage connoisseur. Okay, it is good for an occasional cold beverage ~ the mug isn't snobby at all!

Be sure to email us your address and mention this post so we can send it to you (or better yet, stop by and take one home after a tasty meal!)