Thursday, June 7, 2012

We're Open for Business!

So today we open our Bear Creek Cafe Blog and we make 3 promises to you:
  1. Concise updates on what you want to know
  2. Pictures and videos of your favorites at the cafe
  3. Contests and Fun for interacting with us here and on Facebook
So let the games begin!

Bear Creek Cafe's Inaugural Blog Contest #1

The first person to comment on this blog post will be the first to receive a Bear Creek Cafe coffee mug. These attractively dark green classy mugs make a great addition to any hot beverage connoisseur. Okay, it is good for an occasional cold beverage ~ the mug isn't snobby at all!

Be sure to email us your address and mention this post so we can send it to you (or better yet, stop by and take one home after a tasty meal!)


  1. Sounds great, really looking forward to the updates, but looking forward more to breakfast!

  2. Thanks! Congrats on winning the mug :)!