Wednesday, June 13, 2012

First Photo Contest @ BCC

Let's have a photo contest! We need pictures of our Bear Creek Cafe in action ~ so let's make it fun and worth your while! 

The winners chosen will be the cover photo featured on our Facebook Page, Posted on our Blog, as well as in printed out and displayed in the Cafe (a copy given to the winner), all winners throughout 2012 will be automatically put into a drawing for an end of the year Gift Certificate to the Cafe!

1) We will accept photos throughout August 15, 2012 digitally transferred (email or uploaded to our Facebook page). The next contest will be during the fall and the third will be during the holiday season.

2) We will announce the winners Labor Day Weekend.

3) There are Five categories. Pictures can qualify for more than one category, but only win in one: 
     * People at the Bear Creek Cafe (Guests eating/talking/shopping/sitting)
     * Flowers at the Cafe
     * Birds (or animals ~ Mr. Turtle isn't shy about posing)
     * Pictures of the Bear Creek Cafe itself
     * Misc

4) Second and Third Place Winners will have their name placed one in the end of year drawing, First Place winners will have their name placed 3 times for the end of year drawing in addition to receiving an enlarged print of their picture in a special Bear Creek frame.

Pass the word out!

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