Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Sweet Chocolate Hand-made Soap!!!!

It is my favorite of the new soaps in the Gift Shop from All Things Herbal. The most precious family creates amazing smelling hand-made all natural soaps in Minnesota and we ordered a whole new batch of their most awesome "flavors" of soaps! They look and smell AMAZING. Did I say AMAZING?

You can completely spoil yourself for less than $7! We have the Lemongrass-Calendula one in our bathroom as it is a great motivator for our 3 year old to wash those hands!
Bottom Right ~  Lemongrass and Calendula

 I LOVE the sweet chocolate but since my 3 year old might try to eat it, we'll wait a while before getting it.
No, it doesn't taste good, but it smells SO delicious :)

Red Clover Tea and Lavendar Oatmeal

New Irish-inspired soaps also~ in front Dublin Mint

Juniper Breeze is a GREAT smell for Men
(Joshua the manager's favorite..shhhh...going to get some for his birthday!)

Get one for a friend, one for your guest bathroom, and one for yourself! Make it an even more special gift by including a hand-thrown pottery soap dish made in the USA:)!

This Kitchen soap takes away that fish or garlic smell, using coffee grinds and other  great smells, only $6.95!!

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